Top 3 Additive Manufacturing Stocks year-to-date

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Considered the fourth revolution by the industry players as well as analysts, Additive Manufacturing has had a rollercoaster year so far, with many highs and lows with the outlooks projecting a solid growth for the industry and to the investors.

The company Statista is the worldwide market of Additive Manufacturing is set to touch US$26.5 billion by 2021, up from US$8.8 billion in 2017.

Wohlers said the industry witnessed a 21% growth in 2017 as an estimated 1,768 metal AMs were sold in 2017 representing an 80 percent increase in 2016.

Further, the report said that 135 companies around the world produced and sold industrial AM systems in 2017, up from 97 companies in 2016.

Another report said that 200 percent CAGR growth could be achieved in the 3D concrete printing market by 2023.

On that note, with second quarter of 2018 coming to close, here’s a look at the 3 top 3D printing stocks year-to-date. All numbers and figures are current as of market close on July 3, 2018.

 3D Systems 

Market cap: US$1.6 billion; year-to-date gain: 61.88 percent; current share price: US$13.99

Our top 3D printing stock with a whopping year-to-date gain of nearly 62 percent is 3D systems. Founded in California with its headquarters now in South Carolina, 3D systems has a 30 year history with its manufacturing ecosystem consisting of metal 3D printers, print materials, on demand manufacturing services and end-to-end manufacturing software solutions.

The company has been in the news recently including the announcement in mid-June about Sauber Motorsport adding five of its new ProX 800 SLA 3D Printers to its headquarters and engineering facilities in Hinwil, Switzerland. The company said that the new SLA systems will join existing 3D system products used by the team including six SLS 3D printers. (Find More 3D Printer Companies)

Also in June, the company launched new DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 3D printers with the company stating that the new printers provides twice the output with the DMP Flex 100 achieving surface finish as fine as Ra 5 μm.


Market cap: US$36.82 billion; year-to-date gain: 7.52 percent; current share price: US$22.59

Second on our list with a year-to-date increase of 7.52 percent is HP.

Founded in 1939 with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, the company with a diverse portfolio has committed to the 3D printing space, which its CEO has confirmed on multiple occasions. The portfolio of the company is categorized into two streams, personal computing and accessories along with devices.

The company recently unveiled a new production grade 3D Printing Center in China which is its largest deployment of production grade 3D printing in Asia Pacific and Japan. Further, in June, the company announced an partnership with Siemens for industrial 3D printed parts with full colour.

Materialize NV 

Market cap: US$605.29 million; year-to-date gain: 1.34 percent; current share price: US$12.88

The last 3D printing stock on the list with a slight increase of just over one percent is Materialise who was featured on the list as the second top stock on the NASDAQ last quarter.

Based in Belgium, Materialize provides additive manufacturing services and has been doing so for almost 30 years. The company was founded in 1990, and since then has grown to expand its portfolio of industries it services to include: healthcare, automotive, architecture, art and fashion, aerospace, art and design, consumer goods, and even eyewear.

The company has been in the news in the last few months, thanks to various partnerships with high profile companies including the likes of HP, HCL (NSE: HCLTECH) while also partnering with South Korea’s industrial powerhouse, Ulsan Industry.

The partnership with HP will allow the companies to advance the design and creation of customized 3D printed footwear. Materialise’s partnership with HCL is on the platform for hybrid manufacturing combine the benefits of Additive Manufacturing with the speed and accuracy of CNC manufacturing.

With these announcements, shares of Materialise increased over 10 percent in quarterly period indicating a solid growth chart for the future.


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