3D Print Shop Understanding – Shifting Expectations: Understanding Youth Employees’ Handoffs in a 3D Print Shop

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As digital fabrication technology has become mainstream, the increased demand for 3D printed products has created a new market for professional outsourcing. Given that most of this work does not require advanced training, and is an appropriate entry-level manufacturing job, there is an exciting opportunity to employ youth already skilled in “making” and interested in technology to do this work as an after-school job. The combination of this new technology and workforce calls for new workflows that streamline client-driven digital manufacturing. However, the limitations of current digital fabrication technology and youth schedules require that this work is spread between multiple shifts, necessitating employees to coordinate and handoff their work.

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Authors: WILLIAM EASLEY, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA FOAD HAMIDI, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA WAYNE G. LUTTERS, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA AMY HURST, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA

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Source: http://delivery.acm.org/10.1145/3280000/3274316/cscw047-easley.pdf?ip=, re-published on Dec1, 2018;

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