EnvisionTEC and EasyRx Integrate Additive Manufacturing Software for a Single Solution

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Resultado de imagem para ENVISIONTEC LOGOThe company has announced the integration of its software with that of EasyRx, a developer of orthodontic prescription software. EasyRx allows users to submit, manage and track orthodontic lab prescriptions, including preparing and labeling them for 3D printing. Now EasyRx users can easily launch an STL file in EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory software by clicking the EnvisionTEC logo within EasyRx.

Todd Blankenbecler, the President and CEO of EasyRx says that they are 

“very excited to add this integration with EnvisionTEC, which offers a tremendous line of 3D printers for the dental and dental specialty market,”



“More and more practices and labs are implementing EnvisionTEC for 3D printing. Additionally, this integration is critical to our strategy to integrate EasyRx into the digital workflow of practice or labs.”

-Todd Blankenbecler-

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