Amaero to develop 3D Printing tools with automotive company

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Amaero signs development agreement with automotive manufacturer for additively manufactured tooling Amaero International Limited, a leader in metal 3D Printing, has signed an agreement with a global automotive manufacturer for the collaboration and development of additive manufactured tooling.

Amaero said the inclusion of AM inserts would seek to decrease the risk of any manufacturing defects by adding conformal cooling channels to the design. It said the cost benefits in reducing any rejects associated with casting, subsequent machining and assembly were significant, especially when critical helium decay leak tests were conducted after the final processing stage.

The collaboration between Amaero and the customer would apply to the steel inserts for two aluminium casting die components. Amaero CEO Barrie Finnin said that while the company had first manufactured tooling inserts four years ago, tooling had only recently become a strategic focus for the business.

“This agreement reinforces Amaero’s growth strategy in the most difficult of economic circumstances. We can print the tool steel inserts with complex internal cooling channels that presently cannot be undertaken using conventional techniques,”.

-Barrie Finnin, Chief Executive Officer of Amaero

Mr Finnin said the design, manufacture and testing of the inserts, combined with the subsequently manufactured components, would inform a case study aimed at demonstrating the effectiveness of conformal cooling in the aluminium die-casting process.

Hopefully the case study will pave the way for these tooling components to be implemented into fullscale manufacturing,” he said. “These tooling inserts are common to die-casting tools globally, and once this AM process is proven, there would be scope for significant global opportunities.”

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-Barrie Finnin CEO Amaero International Limited
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Amaero International Limited

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