AMUG Conference19 brings five new trends in 3D Printing

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AMUG has been around since the late 80s with the mission to educate and advance the uses and applications of 3D printing technologies. Here’s an article about the 5 trends at AMUG this year:

1. Looking for an alternative

Finding the best printer for your application is a challenge many companies face. At AMUG it was clear that attendees were looking for a new large-format solution. Attendees stressed the importance of open source material, faster print speeds, and more precision.

2. Speed: Time is Money

Users want speed and are now demanding additive manufacturing companies provide it. This means faster turnaround times and improved ROI.

3.  The importance of end-use parts

The majority of users are producing prototypes, however, there are some early adopters out there who are already mass printing end-use parts. Industry expert, Ajmal Aqtash from Boyce Technologies delivered a very eye-opening presentation at AMUG about the value and uses of 3D printing. Boyce Technologies is already incorporating several end-use parts in their own digital kiosks located around New York City. These parts are printed on the BigRep STUDIO. They are also printing molds for vacuum forming and exploring injection modeling.

4. Controlling materials supply

Material suppliers are everywhere, which was made abundantly evident at AMUG. A comment which was always present is “I want to pick my material supplier”.

5. What’s Big allows us to choose

The value of large-format additive manufacturing isn’t always filling up the build envelope to the max, but having the option to utilize it when you do need to. Being able to print a full scale part is key when testing fit, function and feasibility. At AMUG, attendees mentioned different ways they were currently piecing parts together after printing in order to make the part whole. These additional steps add time, cost and labor to create.

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BigRep Top 5 trends at AMUG published on Apr10, 2019 and re-edited by João Andrade on Apr10, 2019;

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