Aurora Labs tests RMT: A metal Additive Manufacturing process 55X faster than standard market

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The Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs has announced that tests of its metal additive manufacturing process Rapid Manufacturing Technology (RMT) have achieved print speeds of 113 kg per day.

The Rapid Manufacturing Technology process is integrated into the company’s large-format Alpha 3D printer (also known as the RMP), and with this speed is said to deliver parts at 55 times the market speed, which has been identified as 1.96 kg of Titanium per day.

This step in the development of the technology is the latest in a long line of impressive developments since the company’s inception in 2014. Printing on multiple levels simultaneously at high speeds is what we believe will ultimately allow us to print up to 1000 kg in one day.”

-David Budge, Managing Director of Aurora Labs

The Multi Concurrent Printing

Identically to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Aurora Labs’ Multi Concurrent Printing (MCP) within RMT melts and fuses layers of powder to form 3D models. MCP lays down multiple layers of powder at the same time; during this process, an area behind each powder gate allows for multiple spaces for Additive Manufacturing.

This is designed to significantly accelerate conventional metal additive manufacturing. Budge states,

“The primary factory delivering an end product cost competitive with traditional is the speed of the machine. This is why Aurora is looking outside traditional 3D printing markets to sectors like mining, oil & gas, marine and automotive.

Several months ago, the company successfully 3D printed the first component with a complex lattice structure using RMT. This was done at a print speed evaluated to be eight times greater than Aurora Labs’ defined standard market speed of a 3D printer with a similar size, which is 1.96 kg per day.

During this week, Aurora Labs closed a $5 million(AU/US$3.5 million) share placement round, which will be used to further develop RMT as well as act as working capital.

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