Authentise launches app for additive manufacturing workflow management

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The 3D Printing process automation software developer, Authentise announces the release of a new mobile web application for data-driven additive manufacturing workflow management.

The tool has been designed to carry the “digital thread” from manufacture through to post-processing steps so that operators can track each stage of the production process.

With a simple user interface, the app uses scans of QR codes implanted on travelers to help operators move parts through manual post-processing stages such as powder or support removal, inspection, and testing. The goal is to make it easier for operators and managers to track parts in progress and increase detail on traceability reports for customers. The data can be used to inform Authentise’s Machine Learning algorithms to improve time estimates, quality predictions and more. 

Despite the fact that additive devices are nearly entirely digital, the entire process is far from it.”,…,  “Our software already retrieves data from more additive devices than anybody else, as well as some post-processing tools, but that’s not enough. Manual process steps are tedious enough for operators; reporting their progress shouldn’t be. By releasing this app, we’re simply doing what we always do; focus on making the life of the operator easier. The fact that we’re using the data generated to add further value is just added bonus.”

-Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise.

In the next week, the app will initially be available as a trial release in the Google Play store and online. Authentise has also introduced a minimalist traveller that allows manufacturing facilities to start the process of going completely paperless. Authentise says it will release additional functionality in the coming weeks, including the ability to add attachments such as images and notes to each production step, and the ability for operators with the right permissions to jump and undo process steps.

Authentise will be exhibiting its app and workflow tool on booth 37 at this year’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference.

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