BMW Group invests in additive manufacturing technology

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The BMW Group has been using components from 3D printers in series production since 2012. The company will continue to expand this pioneering role in the future. The Additive Manufacturing Centre at the company’s Research and Innovation Centre (FIZ) has also been using these forming processes to produce automotive parts.

Since 1990, BMW has been researching and producing in the field of additive manufacturing technologies. BMW is a leading pioneer in this field, quickly producing parts of exceptionally high quality. It has become the absolute standard for prototypes – even for the brand’s most exclusive models.

The BMW Group is steadily pursuing the evolution and use of advanced additive manufacturing technology. Planar 3D printing technologies will enable much faster production times and more economical production in the future.

BMW group - AM technology

Key highlights from the automotive additive manufacturing developments made at BMW group:
– 10,000 additively-manufactured parts integrated into series production of Rolls-Royce Phantom to date
– New additive manufacturing technologies will shorten production times
– HP Multi-Jet Fusion technology was used for the first time in car manufacturing

Find out more about BMW Group 3D printing innovations at their dedicated 3D print website.

“Additive manufacturing technologies will be one of the main production methods of the future for the BMW Group – with promising potential. The integration of additively-manufactured components into Rolls-Royce series production is another important milestone for us on the road to using this method on a large-scale. By utilising new technologies, we will be able to shorten production times further in the future and increasingly exploit the potential of tool-less manufacturing methods.” – Udo Hänle, head of Production Strategy, Technical Integration


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