Avid acquires HP Jet Fusion 5210 3D printer & AM elastic Ultrasint® by BASF

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Avid Product Development, a product design and 3D printing service, has expanded its AM services with the acquirement of a new HP Jet Fusion 5210 3D printer and is offering a new elastic material, Ultrasint® TPU01.

The Jet Fusion 5200 Series AM system is the newest 3D printing advancement by HP. Designed for more than functional prototyping applications and short run productions, the Jet Fusion 5210 expands upon HP’s existing Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) portfolio and facilitates direct digital manufacturing at Avid Product Development.

Concerning speed and manufacturing predictability, the HP Jet Fusion 5210 brings increased productivity, accuracy, and consistency to the existing MJF capabilities at Avid Product Development, which includes two HP MJF 4210 3D printers.

The MJF 5210 helps Avid accelerate our customers’ product development cycles by repeatedly manufacturing high quality end-use parts faster than ever,(…), Full builds on the new 5210 system are 30% faster and deliver the lowest cost per part.”

-Ryan Billson, co-owner of Avid Product Development 

Avid Product Development is one of the first Additive Manufacturing service bureaus to offer BASF’s new Ultrasint® TPU01 printed on the HP MJF 5210. The new TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) material features durable elasticity and abrasion resistance along with shape recovery and shock absorption. Ultrasint® TPU01 also provides excellent part accuracy, intricate detailing, and high surface quality for AM parts.

Before introducing TPU, all digital manufacturing at Avid Product Development has been in PA 11 and PA 12, both rigid nylon polymers. The capability to print with TPU facilitates the provision of various markets including automotive, prosthesis, helmets, footwear, wind energy, and robotics. TPU is an ideal material for AM applications requiring require good shock absorbance, energy return, and flexibility.

We anticipate new opportunities will materialize with the ability to print with TPU, specifically entrance into new manufacturing segments as well as product development,” (…), “By combining the viscoelasticity of TPU with the design freedom of 3D printing, Avid has engineered parts with lattice type structures to attain strong impact performance at lower weights and improved ventilation.”, stated Collins, also co-owner of Avid product development.

A wider range of companies across multiple industries will be utilizing Avid for their production needs because of these new direct digital manufacturing tools, coupled with our design, engineering, and product design experience,” concluded Billson.

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