No-Spool Based Filament Delivery System Masterspool proposed to Reduce Plastic waste

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The Additive Manufacturing industry is working to develop robust solutions to minimize refuse material. Masterspool is a simple measure that can be taken by any filament feed to help reduce plastic waste. The Masterspool is a simple design made from two interlocking parts and was created to replace the disposable center in spools of filament.The idea has since been championed by RepRap 3D printer advocate.

“For quite some years I have also wished for a no-spool based filament delivery system, Masterspool could be a way to achieve this.”

Richard Horne, engineer and designer

Horne states that ideally, to take full-effect, manufacturers would have to agree on a standard spool specification, however this hasn’t stopped the community or filament manufacturers from getting involved.

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