Bastian Solutions launches new Robot machine built with AM parts

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Bastian Solutions debuted three days ago the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System, a robotic materials handler with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility made possible with parts designed and built through additive manufacturing. The additive parts of the robotic Shuttle System (fingers, joints, elbow) are made with polymers, giving the robotic materials handler more dexterity and efficiency, as the lightweight material allows for a smaller motor and requires less power to execute its daily operations than with its previous metallic parts.

Bastian Solutions is a Toyota Advanced Logistics company and worked with Fast Radius to fully implement additive design and manufacturing into the Shuttle System. The 3D printed parts for the product are made at Fast Radius’ Chicago headquarters, one of the most advanced industrial-grade 3D Printing facilities in North America. Forty-five percent of the final build-of-material (BOM) for the arm of the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System robotic picker will be produced using this manufacturing technique. The parts are manufactured using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers and Carbon® printers.

We envisioned that additively manufacturing specific parts would make the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System the most efficient and agile robotic picker available on the market,…”, “The additive manufacturing process will enable us to customize each robot picker to fit a customer’s particular warehouse environment.”

-Ron Daggett, VP of Technology & R&D of Bastian Solutions

Fast Radius’ platform supports companies like Bastian Solutions in identifying potential applications, conducting engineering and economic evaluations, accelerating new product development, and ultimately manufacturing industrial-grade parts in Fast Radius factories at-scale with the latest additive technologies.

“Developing a new process for a robotic arm and using advanced additive materials to design lifelike fingers and joints is a reflection of Fast Radius’ mission to ‘make new things possible,…’,

“The nature of additive manufacturing enabled us to create and test over a thousand prototype parts for Bastian Solutions in under 20 months until we arrived at just the right ones for this unique piece of equipment.”

-Lou Rassey, Chief Executive Officer, Fast Radius

A portion of the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System’s parts and prototypes, including the durable polymer joints that give the robotic arm its power and dexterity, were made with HP 3D printers using Multi Jet Fusion industrial-grade technology. Additional parts, including the proprietary fingers/gripper for the robotic arm, were developed using Carbon’s® Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS™) technology and unique materials, notably EPU 40.

Multi Jet Fusion is a viable solution for everything from prototyping and small-run 3D production to large-scale, full-production 3D manufacturing,…”, “The genie has left the bottle on the adoption of industrial-scale 3D production, and it keeps accelerating.”

-Michelle Bockman, global head of 3D printing commercial expansion and development, HP.

“We’re excited that Carbon DLS™ technology and innovative materials are playing a critical role in bringing the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System to market,” states Dana McCallum, Head of Production Partners for Carbon.

Bastian Solutions will display the new additively manufactured Shuttle System at ProMat 2019, held April 8-11 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

About Bastian Solutions
Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, Bastian Solutions has grown into a global corporation with 20 U.S. offices and international operations in Brazil, Canada, India and Mexico. For more information, visit

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