BeamIT & Elementum to develop EU speciality 3D materials market

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BEAMIT (Italy) and Elementum 3D (USA) have signed an agreement to promote each other’s expertise and develop the market for speciality materials in the European Union. 

BEAMIT has now expanded its service to create business cases including Additive Manufacturing process set-up, heat treatment and post-processing of materials, where are included new alloys developed by Elementum 3D. BEAMIT supports technical developments at Elementum 3D and will act as a European distributor for these powder materials.

Source: BeamIT.

The Elementum 3D’s core business is materials development and distribution of advanced metals, composites, and ceramics. Elementum 3D’s mission is continuously looking for new solutions to help companies control the cost, weight, and performance of critical parts. The partnership is expected to create opportunities for manufacturers to produce the highest quality additive manufacturing components at production scale quantities.


In a joint venture project BEAMIT and Elementum 3D will work on further material development parameters for all the alloys that Elementum 3D will design and realise in the Colorado facility, keep focus on certain advanced material properties.

– Mauro Antolotti, President of BEAMIT.

Steve Wagner, the VP of Sales at Elementum 3D said that “Elementum 3D is looking forward to successful cooperation with BEAMIT. Their extensive knowledge of selective laser melting technology combined with superior technical expertise will directly relate to faster releases of AM materials in demand,(…)”. (…) More importantly, this partnership benefits companies searching for an effective and efficient manufacturing process to bring a game-changing idea, concept or totally new product to market in record time.”, he concluded.

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Metal AM, BEAMIT and Elementum 3D cooperate to develop EU speciality materials market published on Nov15 2019, published and re-edited by João Andrade on Nov18 2019;

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