Carbon Technology added in The 3D Printing Store

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The 3D Printing Store, headquartered in Colorado, announced that it is expanding its production part manufacturing services by adding DLS 3D printing technology from Carbon in the form of the M2 3D printer. Then, M2 will be available in Mountain States Region and Colorado through The 3D Printing Store’s flagship location in Centennial, it will now be able to offer real production capabilities to its customers for 3D printing plastic components.

The 3D Printing Store is now the only service bureau in the state that offers Carbon’s 3D printing technology.

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Established November 2012 by cofounders Debra Wilcox and Kenton Kuhn, The 3D Printing Store was the first brick & mortar retail store to offer face to face 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing services to businesses and consumers. With 4 locations in Colorado and several pending store openings outside the state, it is believed that The 3D Printing Store is the largest business of its kind.


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