Compact Metal Powders Atomizer by 3D Lab

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Visit the 3D Lab team at Formnext 2017 and find out more about their next generation metal powders atomizer for the 3D printing industry

AM metal powder atomizer

Metal powder atomizer by 3D Labs

Meet ATO One, the world’s first next generation atomizer for the additive manufacturing industry, that has been created in response to the increasing demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, powder producers and scientific institutions connected to this ever growing AM sector. The AM atomizer is capable of processing both reactive and non-reactive metals, such as titanium, magnesium or aluminium alloys. It is capable of producing powders with medium grain sizes within the range of 20 to 100 µm and narrow grain size distribution. Up to several hundred grams of material can be produced in a single manufacturing process. A complete ATO One system includes the atomization device and software supporting the manufacturing process.

The new am metal powder atomizer will be presented during the Formnext exhibition (one of the largest additive manufacturing trade shows – Visit from November 14-17, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany).

This atomizer has the potential to considerably enhance and speed up the development of new materials dedicated to metal 3D printing, known for being one of the main causes of slow-moving implementation of 3D printing in industrial applications (or by other words, expanding the additive manufacturing sector).
The current range of commercially available 3D metal powders is highly limited, according to 3D Lab, with a high fulfillment time for even small quantities.



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