Cost-effective AM system by Magicfirm Europe AB

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The creators of ZYYX 3D FDM printer (the swedish Magicfirm Europe AB, founded in Gothenburg) announce that it is developing a cost-effective metal additive manufacturing 3D printer which will cost less than $12,400 and it will be in the market in 2019.

The biggest leaders in additive manufacturing (AM) often say that metal 3D printers are the future of the industry, mainly for creating end-use parts.

 “We have been developing our metal 3D printing technology for some time and we are now ready to show an early stage proof of concept.”, “… we are still fine tuning the process and the objects we are showing now highlight the spectrum of materials and print volume.”

Mats Moosberg, Magicfirm Europe AB CEO and ZYYX  FDM 3D printer creator.


Magicfirm’s patent-pending 3D printing process lies somewhere between laser sintering and binder jetting, and this cost-effect additive manufacturing system can be broken down into three separate steps:

1-Building the “green body” through an FDM-like process with 50-microns resolution and the possibility to create any geometries

2-Removing the binder to create the “brown body”

3-Sintering the brown body into a solid metal part using “innovative techniques”.

Magicfirm says the 3D printing process works with materials like copper, bronze, brass and steel. In the next phases of development other materials can be added. It has used its proof-of-concept printer to make various demonstrator prints in these materials.



and continues, “…and we have also started talking to different parties for funding the continued development and commercialization of the product. To show real prints is a good way to get the word out there.”, Moosberg said. However, even the cheapest metal 3D printers remain prohibitive for many businesses.

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