Focus on reliability is the SKILCRAFT® 3D Printing Business Model

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The new SKILCRAFT® Additive Manufacturing filaments now offered by North Central Sight Services (NCSS) employ a streamlined new “publisher” business model that ensures rapid, easy access to reliable 3D printing supplies for the growing number of federal government customers becoming involved with 3D printing. This model couples the best makers of each type of filament made in America with the 75-year-old SKILCRAFT brand and NCSS decades of experience providing the necessary support – packaging, fulfillment, and marketing. In this way, each “team member” contributes in the area they excel.

The SKILCRAFT 3D team invests in an extensive evaluation and selection process to choose the best US commercial manufacturers for each type of filament. Then NCSS does what they have been doing for 61 years—they assemble, package and fulfill all SKILCRAFT 3D orders.

In order to support the expanded use of 3D printing throughout federal agencies and the military, SKILCRAFT 3D carefully selects the manufacturers in the United States of the high-quality filaments and supplies it offers, which are then processed and shipped by NCSS. Located in Williamsport, PA, NCSS provides all fulfillment services, as well as the packaging and assembly labor, for SKILCRAFT 3D orders. With its 75-year track record of dependable fulfillment service and support, NCSS provides a seamless experience for SKILCRAFT 3D customers.

We do the fulfillment, packaging, assembly and shipping for the orders, but we also produce the recycled materials we use to manufacture the spools we use to deliver SKILCRAFT 3D filaments. The model used to select and package the filaments ensures reliable performance, while our experience guarantees dependable order fulfillment and support for the SKILCRAFT 3D customers.”

.Robert Garrett, President and CEO of NCSS

The increased reliance on 3D printing throughout the federal government means an increased demand for reliable, high-performance filament and supplies, as well as easy access for agencies and military branches utilizing additive manufacturing.

As Additive Manufacturing becomes a more integral part of standard operations, the more engineers and makers require reliable fulfillment of the supplies they need. Rather than try to produce all of the many varieties of materials needed, SKILCRAFT 3D only produces the spool and then selects only US filaments makers with exceptional performance and reliability factors for each filament category to fill those spools.

SKILCRAFT 3D understands that navigating complicated contract and purchasing processes can be a headache for government agencies, and so sought to offer the best solution to ensure the end user has the additive manufacturing supplies they need in their hands as quickly as possible.

The innovative publisher model allows SKILCRAFT 3D not only to select the best filaments and supplies but also to fulfill and ship orders more quickly with NCSS. GSA Advantage offers better access to SKILCRAFT 3D’s products to meet this growing need across agencies and departments. Currently available on GSA Advantage is SKILCRAFT 3D’s suite of essential, professional grade products, including PLA Pro, ABS Pro, and Nylon Pro. The PLA Pro and ABS Pro are available in black, white and natural, Nylon Pro comes in white and black options. All three 1.75 mm filaments are offered in 1kg quantities. SKILCRAFT 3D is soon to release its Water Soluble Support Fiber on GSA Advantage for a professional grade support solution to save time and increase accuracy. The Water Soluble Support Fiber can be used with PLA, ABS and Nylon applications. Additionally, SKILCRAFT 3D is excited to share its first specialty product, FDA-compliant Polyamide Polyolefin and Cellulose (PAPC) filament. This biomaterial can be used in biomedical applications such as bone replacement, meshes, hearing aids, and foot orthotics.

SKILCRAFT 3D also seeks government engineers, technicians, and makers using Additive Manufacturing to join its Evaluator Program. Evaluators test and provide key feedback on products, as well as recommending the products they would most like to see made available by SKILCRAFT 3D.


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