GE provides metal AM consultancy to General Atomics Aeronautical via AddWorks

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GA-ASI manufactures Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems, and is looking to implement additive manufacturing technologies effectively. The company selected AddWorks after a ‘competitive’ tender, and the consultancy service provider will now begin to help accelerate and strengthen the qualification and integration of metal 3D printing within its production workflows. GE feels its own experience integrating additive manufacturing for production requirements in the aerospace industry was a key factor in GA-ASI’s selection of AddWorks, and believes its aptitude in design and commercialization will enable a successful partnership.

“This is a great fit for us because GE has already been through a similar journey.”,…, “We get where GA-ASI is at and where it wants to go. By offering our learnings and in-depth knowledge of the aerospace and defense industry, we will be able to assist them in leveraging metal additive with our methodical, systematic approach, that meets the exacting requirements of the sector and their aggressive goal to grow the impact of additive within their application space.

-Jason Oliver, President & CEO of GE Additive.

Some of our AddWorks consultants are responsible for designing and then industrializing, many of the additively manufactured aerospace parts that are in service today. So, they are very well-placed to accompany GA-ASI in accelerating their additive journey. We’re honored to secure this engagement and look forward to helping them drive successful outcomes and their competitive advantage.”, Jason concludes.

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Source: Sam Davies, TCT Magazine Online GE Additive’s AddWorks to provide metal additive manufacturing consultancy to General Atomics Aeronautical System Inc published on Mar22, 2019and was re-edited and published by João Andrade on Mar24, 2019;

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