Get to know Freshfiber – an exquisite 3D lighting collection

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Freshfiber is a premium lifestyle brand, bringing state of the art technologies such as Additive Manufacturing to stores worldwide. Freshfiber is uniquely and situated in Amsterdam, where the beautiful architecture, canals, history, and modernity-inspiration is everywhere.

Its international network designs phone cases, watch bands and lighting, combining unique design possibilities with revolutionary technologies to create pieces that cross the line between sculpture and industrial design, resulting in unique objects that leave a long-lasting impression.

The delicate design combines with state of the art technology. Freshfiber has created unique and premium lighting with carefully chosen materials of the highest quality such as nylon and steel. The collection comes in three different lamp designs, various models and sizes, and is suitable for residential homes, restaurants, and hotels. Freshfiber Lighting beautifies any space looking for a contemporary touch.

Fold Lamp – Design by Matthijs Kok

The cleverly designed Fold Lamp is a simple, characterful lamp built for versatility. The Fold Lamp was inspired by Matthijs’ affection for atmospheric illumination. He wanted to create a lamp that is adjustable to its surroundings, both practical and in functionality. The Fold Lamp features a base that allows the lampshade to rotate 360 degrees around the light source. The direction of the light can be controlled and its intensity amplified as desired. This allows users to alter the kind of ambience that’s just right for their surroundings. A lamp that stands out for its flexibility and sculptural beauty. The lamp creates two different types of light: one is a very strong direct light, which is highly functional. The other is indirect light that escapes between the overlapping layers of the fold, which is soft and ambient, emphasizing its elegant flowing layers. (Read more about Freshfiber Fold Cases.)

Flux Lamp – Design by Gabi Potsa

Designed in a table version and pendant version, the Flux Lamp will beautify any room with its aerial form, creating excellent lighting and ambiance for your interior. Flux Table Lamp is defined by harmonious lines and smooth geometric curves: The interlaced ribbons make up a light sculpture, which shields the illuminant and where soft light runs through, providing an alluring ambiance that will leave a lasting impression. The irregular ribbons of the lamp add movement to the form and by thus creating an architectural effect that always creates a different effect depending on the viewer’s perspective.

ZooM Lamp – Design by Michiel Cornelissen

ZooM’s structure is made up of hundreds of repeating elements, that together form a series of interlocking spirals. In use as a lamp, ZooM has an intriguing texture that’s flexible like a textile but maintains its form like a solid object. The semi-transparent structure shield’s the bulb’s glare while transmitting light efficiently. Comes in two sizes; medium and large.

To get up to date about FreshFiber products, please visit their website and follow @freshfiber on Twitter.

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