Grow helps companies overcoming adoption challenges of 3D Printing

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The GROW Software company(founded in 2014) and based in London has been focused on developing technologies to overcome adoption challenges of additive manufacturing surrounding design, manufacturing and quality assurance.

Additive manufacturing methods are especially useful in the aerospace, defense, and medical industries, as the process allows highly detailed customization, exceptional stability, cost-effective small batch runs, and a reduction in the weight of parts. As distributed manufacturing and 3D printing become widespread in industries with sensitive and valuable product data, some obvious challenges emerge. Four questions:

  • How do we make sure manufacturers cannot accidentally — or purposely — intervene in a design?
  • How do we guarantee highly parameter-sensitive parts are made correctly?
  • How do we tackle the need for quality assessment across dispersed locations?
  • How do we stop unsavory types stealing precious data?

As the manufacturing revolution pushes forward, GROW recognized that securing the process is essential.

GROW has spent several years working on a solution to the security issues that arise when Additive Manufacturing and distributed manufacturing meet. In early 2017, they received a patent for their industry-leading technology covering the journey of a product from design to a client.

GROW enables users to protect their IP and know-how over their designs and processing parameters by locking down build count and enforcing build specification to a prespecified AM machine ID and in return transfer the build job directly to the machine without any human-machine interaction.

GROW’s technology will allow a user at the build location to access to the file, but only to send the design to the 3D printer. They cannot copy, modify, or otherwise interfere with the product’s design or build instructions. When the build is completed, GROW reports back on all the manufacturing parameters and build information to the GROW Account, allowing the user to evaluate the quality and ensure complete consistency in output, even across several builds.

The impact of GROW’s latest technology on the AM industry is set to be significant, as corporations begin to take advantage of its comprehensive solution and outstanding security and traceability solution. For more information how GROW will impact both micro and macro manufacturing, create the jobs of the future, reach out to or visit their website,

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