Henkel and NewPro3D collaborate for additive manufacturing medical solutions

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The NewPro3D company recently joined Henkel’s Open Materials Platform to provide AM solutions at production scale for the medical industry. Henkel’s materials expertise and NewPro3D’s AM equipment and software is enabling new applications in anatomical modeling, prosthetics, and more.

NewPro3D’s unique technology for digital light processing (DLP) produces 3D models at record speeds. Specifically, the company’s Intelligent Liquid Interface (ILITM) consists of a transparent wettable membrane that is chemically designed to facilitate faster movement between cured layers, eliminating the slow mechanical processes used on conventional additive manufacturing techniques. When used in combination with Henkel’s wide range of photo-curing resins, the result is ultra-fast manufacturing of medical devices and tools including hard and soft anatomical models for use in surgical planning and educational programs.

NewPro3D and Henkel will be showcasing applications at the MD&M West, Feb. 11-13, 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California, booth #2321.

Anatomical model of an infant skull. Source: Henkel/NewPro3D

One will be an anatomical model of an infant’s skull. In this particular case, the child was afflicted with a syndrome that caused misalignment of the anterior mandible. To correct the issue, doctors must lengthen the mandible to approximate the maxilla. The model serves an invaluable role, helping the surgical team more accurately measure the defective position and identify areas where a device can be anchored to lengthen the mandible, in addition to helping them more easily visualize the overall position of other cranial bones.

Doctors were able to develop a treatment plan that involved the construction of an osteodistraction device that was placed in the body of the mandible. As dictated by the treatment plan, the apparatus featured external screws, which were rotated daily to a prescribed number of revolutions. 

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