High Speed Extrusion Platform Announced by Essentium

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Resultado de imagem para essentium logo College Station, Texas: Essentium is pleased to announce its High Speed Extrusion (HSE) platform will launch in the 4th quarter of 2018. At 10 times faster than any other industrial extrusion platform currently on the market, the HSE platform is built to transform manufacturing floors and solve the issues of strength, speed, and cost. The machine offers greater than 1 m/s motion speeds and greater than 500 mm print speeds, the strength of injection molded parts using Essentium’s FlashFuse™, and the ability to heat the nozzle from 20 C to 600 C in less than three seconds making it the only platform to serve as a complete solution to unlock industrial applications of additive manufacturing.

There are so many compromises you have to deal with in 3D printing. Our machine is a no compromise solution that gives you speed and accuracy. You’re going to get the quality and return you have historically gotten from traditional methods,”

Greg Ojeda, co-founder & chief commercial officer.

The HSE allows manufacturers the ability to design, prototype, and produce final parts at scale on the same technology using the same materials and the same machine. It is designed to extrude material at the highest possible speeds.

At 10x faster than any other industrial extrusion platform, Essentium’s Hight Speed Extrusion (HSE) platform is built to transform manufacturing floors and solve the issues of strength, speed, and cost. Manufacturers can finally harness the power of 3D printing at scale without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

“It’s an exciting time for Essentium,” said Blake Teipel, and follows,

We recently added seasoned industry professionals to our leadership team to support a large-scale expansion that includes a new product line of industrial-grade materials, the full release of our award-winning FlashFuse plasma-welding technology, and our new High Speed Extrusion additive manufacturing platform launching in 2018. This expansion enables Essentium to create and deliver world-class products at scale.”

Blake Teipel, Ph.D., Company co-founder & President

About Essentium, Inc.: As innovators in both materials and production systems, we are committed to creating industrial solutions for the world’s top manufacturers at scale. We are providing a new generation of 3D industrial solutions with performance, efficiency, and economics in mind. Visit Essentium Website.


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