HP unveils new Production-Grade Additive Manufacturing center in China

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Resultado de imagem para hp logoThe HP and Guangdong companies have unveiled a new production-grade Additive Manufacturing center in Dali, Foshan China. The investment in 10 HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing systems and is HP’s largest deployment of production-grade 3D printing in the Asia Pacific and Japan. HP says the center will meet the growing demand for functional prototypes and production-grade parts for major auto, consumer goods and motorcycle customers in Foshan as well as other industries in the Greater Bay Area of Southern China.

“We are thrilled that Guangdong (Dali) 3D Printing Collaborative Innovation Platform is deploying HP Multi Jet Fusion technology at factory-scale to drive its business growth and accelerate industry innovation,”

Stephen Nigro, president of 3D printing at HP

According to Statista, China’s 3D printing technology market is projected to reach US$11.05 billion by 2023, which puts HP above the curve in that growing market.

The president and CEO of HP, Dion Weisler said in the earnings call that the company seeks to disrupt the US$12 trillion market.

3D printing business is a huge opportunity for us, one where we aim to disrupt the $12 trillion global manufacturing market. The growth trajectory and the momentum behind this business continues. We have seen an increase in the customers placing repeat orders and upgrading the systems for higher volume manufacturing and scaling with double-digit unit installations.”

-Dion Weisler, President of HP

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