“Hero Arm” Prosthetic incredibly affordable and customizable

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Resultado de imagem para open bionics logoOpen Bionics, based in UK, is releasing the Hero Arm, an advanced multi-grip bionic arm that is 3D printed, extremely affordable, and completely customizable.

The innovative new prosthetic device will be made available in the UK on April 25, 2018. 

Open Bionics is an inspiring company that uses additive manufacturing to create prosthetics, drastically reducing the price of these usually expensive devices. The organization has an uplifting motto: “Turning disabilities into superpowers”, and has previously collaborated with Disney to create themed prosthetics that kids can proudly wear. The innovation device to come from Open Bionics is the Hero Arm, the world’s first medically certified 3D printed bionic hand that is extremely affordable and customizable. To produce a prosthetic that properly fits the wearer, Open Bionics 3D scans their arm using a tablet, enabling the organization to then 3D print the bespoke hand, socket, and frame.To know more about Medical Additive Manufacturing Purposes

The printing process and assembly for the Hero Arm takes around 40 hours before it is delivered as an all-in-one prosthetic device.

For the first time ever, this bionic arm is available for upper limb amputees who are as young as eight years old.

Open Bionics argues that in spite of the prosthetic device is lightweight, it’s also incredibly strong and powerful.

The best aspect of the Hero Arm is that it cost less than half the price of similar devices. The prosthetic will only cost around £5,000 (~$6,980 USD).

The Hero Arm will be released on April 25th, initially available to amputees living in the UK with “below elbow upper-limb differences, aged eight and above.

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