Industrial 3D printing system by BigRep GmbH

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BigRep STUDIO is a super fast and precise industrial 3D printing system that wants to revolutionize the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. This innovative 3D printer pairs incredible volume with extraordinary precision, all in one space-saving package.

With a printing volume of 500x1000x500mm, this 3D printing equipment enables continuous printing of large objects in a space-saving package. Because it fits easily through doors, the BigRep STUDIO is optimally sized for set-up in any location.

More information about BigRep GmbH

BigRep leads the global market in affordable large scale 3d printing solutions. A Berlin-based company in the German industrial tradition, BigRep has offices in the USA and Singapore and manufactures the world’s largest, standardized industrial 3D printing machine. Find more information at BigRep’s website or linkedin page.



Additive Manufacturing