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We believe in a future in which almost every home will have a 3D printer. A future in which personalized, local and distributed manufacturing is commonplace. We are a long way from there right now, and making 3D printing easy to use, but mostly practical for the early adopter household is the first step to getting there.We are building tools and applications to make 3D printing accessible to everyone.
Phone: 01 33 9627 8449
Lopez Cotilla 1794 103
Col. Lafayette

Company details

  • Company name:¬†Inimake
  • Category: 3d printers – find more 3d printer manufacturers.
  • Company website: N/A
  • Focus industry: Additive Manufacturing/3D printing
  • Class: 3D printing equipment manufacturer / 3D printers
  • Profile status: unverified

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