Intamsys 3D Printing Global Competition offers over $10K in cash and Additive Manufacturing equipment

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Resultado de imagem para intamsys logoThe company INTAMSYS (a manufacturer of industrial Additive Manufacturing systems) has launched a new competition. Organizations, companies, research, and education institutions are invited to take part in the INTAMSYS industrial 3D Printing Global Competition. The theme of the design challenge is jigs and fixtures.


During our business visits in the USA, Europe and China, we’ve learned first-hand from our customers and partners that 3D printed jigs and fixtures in polycarbonate, nylon and PEEK have significantly improved lead time, worker safety and costs on their production floors.”

-Chun Pin Lim, Marketing Director of INTAMSYS.

This clip by INTAMSYS illustrates the advantages that Additive Manufacturing has in the manufacture of jigs and fixtures. The ability to make such manufacturing tools from functional materials and higher grade thermoplastics using 3D printing technologies can result in lower costs, lighter components and decreased lead times.

Design an Additive Manufacturing printed jig or fixture to win

To submit for an entry complete the online form here. Participants are required to design and 3D print a fixture or jig. A description of the primary purposes of the device is required, as is providing the dimensions and type of materials used.

A completed fixture 3D printed by INTAMSYS.
A completed fixture 3D printed. Image: INTAMSYS.

INTAMSYS also requires that competition entries,

“provide details on lead time, cost, durability and other benefits of your 3D printed jig or fixture as compared to the previous methods of fabrication.”

3D printing a fixture. Photo via INTAMSYS.
3D printing a fixture. Image: INTAMSYS.

To enter in the competition is also need three photos. These pictures should show the jig or fixture during the Additive Manufacturing process, the completed 3D print and also how the jig or fixture is used. A series of reference photographs is provided by INTAMSYS. These photos show a fixture used to support the assembly of a 3D printer.

The PC 3D printed fixture in use. Photo via INTAMSYS.
The PC 3D printed fixture in use. Image: INTAMSYS.

 INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT industrial 3D printer and more

A range of prizes is available from INTAMSYS. Winners of the bronze and silver prizes will receive $1,000 and $2,000 respectively. However the winner of the gold prize will walk away with $2000 plus the INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT industrial 3D printerand 6 kilos of engineering grade filament.

Entries to the INTAMSYS design competition can be made until 23:59 GMT on 31 August 2018.

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