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About Nanoe – Zetamix

Founded in 2008 by three engineers, Nanoe focuses on the elaboration of high purity nanopowders. Our products are specifically designed for the sintering of high performance ceramics. Nanoe has partnered with a laboratory specialized in nanomaterials (CNRS) and the French leading ceramics laboratory (Limoges). Nanoe is headquartered at Ballainvilliers, near Ecole Centrale Paris (French engineer school) campus in Paris region.

Nanoe – Zetamix: company details

  • Company name: Nanoe – Zetamix
  • Company website: N/A
  • Related industry: 3D printing & Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  • Equipment range: Ceramics 3D printing solutionsClick here to find additional ceramic 3D printer manufacturers.
  • Profile status: unverified

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