NanoFabrica takes on Dolly Parton’s Challenge & challenges other AM companies

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The leading micro Additive Manufacturing technology supplier Nanofabrica has recently taken up the Dolly Parton social media challenge. The company has been “working 9 to 5” to get it right, and throws down a challenge to fellow companies working in the 3D Printing sector to come up with their own LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder memes. 

Photo: Idan Gil

The Israel-based Nanofabrica combines the highest quality components together with its patented technology to provide a precision 3D Printing platform that achieves extremely high resolution with unprecedented repeatability. The machine delivers micron precision digital innovation in every part produced. 

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The article was gently conceded by Nanofabrica, published on Jan27 2020, re-edited and published by João Andrade on Feb4 2020;

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