Partnership with Neofab allows Roboze to expand its presence in France

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A strategic choice for the additive production in France, where ROBOZE Additive Manufacturing technology – dedicated to the realization of functional and finished components with high temperature super polymers and composite materials – is able to meet the needs of French companies and create new competitive advantages in an ever-changing economic context.

Neofab joins ROBOZE team and becomes the French representative of the most precise 3D printing solutions for high-performance technopolymers.

Neofab belongs to the Hava3D group, that operates in the 3D printing sector since 2013. Specialized in professional additive production solutions, the French company offers a wide range of services (including installation, training and personalized follow-up) with the aim of facilitating the conversion of companies and customers to new printing technologies.

The French economy, even if has a leading role in the secondary sector (France is indeed the third exporter of private cars in the world), over the last few years is facing a competitive challenge with the other European countries. The factors that lead the research and development of ROBOZE 3D printing solutions are the reduction of printing failures, the reduction of costs and time, together with the possibility to create personalized products with high temperature super polymers and composite materials.

In such a context, using these instruments can lead not only to get a prestigious position but also to create new advantages, necessary to compete in the European and global market.

We are excited to start this new adventure with ROBOZE”,…, “Offering the opportunity to 3D print functional and finished components with high temperature super polymers and composite materials in sectors like aerospace, motorsport and manufacturing in general, can definitely create concrete advantages for the technological change of the French companies. This is the goal we’ve always aimed for and I am sure that with ROBOZE we will achieve it”.

.Guillaume Coudreuse, Neofab Chef de Projet Web marketing.

The ROBOZE company is specialized in the production and designing of additive manufacturing solutions that offer extremely resistant materials, able to replace metal parts in specific applications. For example, Carbon PA, carbon fiber filled polyamide, is now the strongest material on the FDM 3D production market – its 138 MPa tensile strength is similar to aluminium.

But it’s PEEK 3D printing that makes ROBOZE a global leader: this is a plastic material that is able to resist at high temperature up to 245°C, guaranteeing workability and lightness with the same performances of metals. Unlike metals, for example, PEEK, has a very high chemical resistance and it is not subject to risks like corrosion.

“Today in France there is a real demand of high temperature 3D printing, but it is not easy to find a reliable and efficient technology in such a chaos of information and solutions in the 3D printing market. In Roboze we have found the right answer to this need and, together, we will lead our customers towards super polymers and composite materials 3D printing.”

-G. Coudreuse.

The two companies are at Global Industrie in Lyon, international fair dedicated to the future industry and the recent innovations in manufacturing, from 5th to 8th of March, at booth 4H81 – hall 4.

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