Peking University Third Hospital cures patients with AM implants

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The doctors in Beijing have successfully carried out a surgical operation to replace three tumor-eroded thoracic vertebrae with 3D-printed implants. A 25-year-old female cancer patient underwent the implant surgery at Peking University Third Hospital last week, during which tailor-made titanium alloy artificial vertebrae were used.

It was China’s first orthopedic implanting surgery completed using customized medical devices since a related regulation, jointly issued by the National Medical Products Administration and the National Health Commission, took effect on January 1.

“Spinal reconstruction is the only way for the patient to avoid paralysis.”

-Liu Zhongjun, chief surgeon and the hospital’s director of the institute of spinal surgery

Liu and team have been conducting research on additive manufacturing of vertebrae implantation materials since 2010.

Liu Zhogjun also concluded that almost every patient has a unique physiological structure that requires treatment in accordance with their syndrome differentiation and individuality. Orthopedic AM implant products with independent intellectual property rights, once they were brought into large-scale production and application, will promote the development of the entire industrial chain in China and reduce the medical expenses for patients, Liu argued.

Zhongjun believes that the significance of Additive Manufacturing goes far beyond this. In-depth research will be carried out on the integration of porous metal materials and bone tissue interfaces.

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