PhD candidate wins $15K innovation prize with 3D printed steel tool in Australia

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Jimmy Toton from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has won the 2019 Young Defence Innovator Award and $15,000 prize at the Avalon International Airshow for the research of 3D printed steel tools that can cut titanium alloys. This project is conducted with Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) in a partnership with Sutton Tools at RMIT’s Advanced Manufacturing Precinct.

“Now that we’ve shown what’s possible, the full potential of 3D printing can start being applied to this industry, where it could improve productivity and tool life while reducing cost,…”

-Jimmy Toton

Because the metals used in Defence and aerospace are so strong, making high quality tools to cut them is a major and expensive challenge. The team’s steel milling cutters were made using Laser Metal Deposition technology, which works by feeding metal powder into a laser beam. As the laser moves and the metal solidifies at the trailing edge, a 3D object is built layer by layer. This additive manufacturing process also allows for objects to be built with complex internal and external structures.

Manufacturers need to take full advantage of these new opportunities to become or remain competitive, especially in cases where manufacturing costs are high,”,…,”There is real opportunity now to be leading with this technology.”

-Jimmy Toton

Additive technology is rising globally and Jimmy’s project highlights a market where it can be applied to precisely because of the benefits that this technology offers over conventional manufacturing methods.”

.Professor Brandt, Toton’s supervisor

The winner is now working towards establishing a print-to-order capability for Australia’s advanced manufacturing supply chains.

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