Porsche announced its bodyform additive manufactured full-bucket seats

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Porsche announced that initially 40 seats will be produced. The additive manufacturing process is slowly making its way into the automotive industry. More and more automakers are experimenting with the technology and including McLaren P1 wheelsBugatti brake calipers, and custom Mini trim pieces are beautiful creations. Some innovative companies are taking a further step forward by printing chassis components for supercars. Porsche is not going to just stay and watch the party.

Porsche has just announced its 3D-printed bodyform full-bucket seat, which is still not a production part but will very soon be.

It is simple :The central section of the seat is partly produced by a 3D-printer, which will allow customers to choose between three firmness levels for the comfort layer.

The seat is the interface between the human and the vehicle, and is thus important for precise, sporty handling,(…), That’s why personalized seat shells customized for the driver have been standard in race cars for a long time now.”

-Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for R&D at Porsche

The new 3D-printed bucket seat is based on the existing sports seat of the company. Its construction includes base support made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), which is bonded to a breathable comfort layer, which is the part that is going to be 3D-printed. The final layer of the seat from a material Porsche calls Racetex, which features a specific perforation pattern for climate control.

The automaker’s plan is to launch an initial run of 40 seats which will be available for 911 and 718 race customers in Europe from May. If the feedback is good, Porsche will include the 3D-printed seat as a regular offering from its Porsche Manufaktur catalog from mid-2021.

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