Postprocess and CUBRC partnership provides the Next Generation post-printing software platforms

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 The company PostProcess Technologies (PPT) announced today a partnership with CUBRC, a leader in machine learning research, development, testing, and systems integration, to leverage their cutting-edge Heartwood Analytics™ suite for PPT’s next-generation software platforms. As the pioneer of software-based 3D post-printing solutions driving automation for the third stage of Additive Manufacturing, the partnership with CUBRC significantly advances PPT’s work on the full digitization of additive manufacturing through the post-print step for the Industry 4.0 factory floor.

PostProcess’ patent-pending AUTOMAT3D and CONNECT3D platforms are the only solutions on the market using a data science approach for 3D post-printing, improving performance and removing manual steps and guesswork that customers are currently required to utilize during support removal and surface finishing. Implementing CUBRC’s Heartwood Analytics™, the PostProcess platforms will more efficiently and effectively develop and utilize insights from their proprietary dataset, driving increased performance and predictability within scalable, agile, and extensible platforms.

Heartwood Analytics™ is a machine learning suite built upon technologies developed by CUBRC’s Data Science and Information Fusion (DSIF) Group over the past 10 years. The Heartwood Analytics™ suite builds on work done for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community to combine disparate data sources in real-time, providing data alignment, processing, duplication, ingestion, and subsequently performing predictive analysis, optimization, and rule-based alerting.

We are very excited about bringing CUBRC’s advanced machine learning capability to PostProcess to accelerate the groundbreaking work that the team at PostProcess have done. Our efforts in developing a class of technologies that turn massive amounts of data into actionable information for decision makers is a perfect fit for PostProcess’ applications and mission.”

.Dr. John Coles, CUBRC’s project lead

“PostProcess was founded on software as the first component of our solution. We’ve known since the beginning that data analytics was an essential part of doing data science at scale. That’s why we’ve chosen CUBRC for its experience and expertise in data extraction, alignment, analysis and systems optimization technologies to enhance and expedite our post-printing software platforms.”

.Daniel Hutchinson, Founder and CTO of PostProcess

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