RAPID + TCT 2018 to display latest AM technology

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At RAPID + TCT, one of the most important additive manufacturing events of 2018, you have the opportunity to engage with the most influential community in the additive manufacturing industry. Explore the future of the AM industry through interactive experiences, keynotes, and conferences from over 150 industry leaders. RAPID + TCT is North America’s preeminent event for discovery, innovation, and networking in 3D additive manufacturing.

The level of cutting-edge 3D printing technology innovation at RAPID + TCT 2018 is unparalleled, as well as the depth of additive expertise across all industries, from aerospace to medical and more. This is an extraordinary 3d printing tradeshow to experience the newest products, technologies, and materials in  additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE, metrology and inspection.

Why and Where: Rapid TCT 2018 Event Details

With the constant emergence of new additive manufacturing technologies and 3d printing machines/materials, the AM industry is evolving so quickly that either you stay up to speed or you will be left behind.
RAPID + TCT 2018 provides everything you need to know about 3D printing technologies, all under one roof. Experience hundreds of hands-on exhibits, groundbreaking product announcements, education from the industry’s most respected experts, and unparalleled networking.

3d printing event Rapid TCT 2018

Rapid + TCT 2018 dates & location

When: April 23-26, 2018 / Exhibits April 24-26
Location: Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX
Register for the event / Google Maps link

Rapid + TCT 2018 conferences – main topics

Hear from over 150 additive manufacturing industry leaders about how different additive manufacturing technolgoies can solve many industry challenges:

  • Revolutionize your product design
  • Reduce time to market
  • Create prototypes in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
  • Cut costs
  • Eliminate tooling
  • Manufacture functional demonstration parts
  • Produce low volume end-user parts and components

Recap of last year’s Rapid+TCT

Focus technology: The world of bioprinting at Rapid + TCT 2018

From additive manufacturing of end-use surgical devices and personalized implants, to bone scaffolds and functioning organ replacements, bioprinting AM is truly changing lives. At the conference, you will find in-depth sessions covering design and manufacture of implants, dental devices, tissues, and more using a variety of additive manufacturing technologies.
RAPID + TCT 2018 (April 2018 edition) at Fort Worth Convention CenterFort Worth, Texas USA will cover and have a focus on medical/biomedical am technology, since this is one of the fastest growing application areas of additive manufacturing.
Be there and attend MMI conference. Connect with those making an impact for prosthetics, orthopedic implants, dental, bone & tissue scaffolds, bioprinting and more additive manufacturing technology focus on Medical & Bioprinting technology.

MMI Keynote speech – Rise of Point-of-Care Manufacturing: Impacting More Patients with 3D Printing
When: Wednesday, April 25 | 8:30 am – 9:45 am

The use of 3D printing has impacted patient care for many years, from anatomical models to new patient-matched devices. 3D manufacturing in the clinical setting has risen in the last few years supported by advancements in machines, materials, software, and awareness. As a leader in medicine, Mayo Clinic has also become a leader in point-of-care manufacturing, establishing their first 3D printing lab in 2006. Combining the diverse expertise of medicine and engineering, the Mayo team has experienced substantial benefits while addressing many challenges. Join us to learn how point-of-care manufacturing is providing patient care advantages, presenting unique obstacles of engineering within a hospital, creating the need for collaboration across disciplines, and impacting the lives of many patients and their families.

More Information about Rapid + TCT 2018

Visit the exhibition website for the latest event information.


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