ROBOZE and IVECO presents the Exclusive Webinar “The 3D Printer that revolutionized the production, cutting costs and time”

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The industrial and global leader in the capital goods sector chose the Roboze One+400 3D printer for the realization of gears at the Suzzara’s IVECO plant. The Webinar about this topic will be held on January 10th 2019.

Only one year needed: the Roboze One+400 3D printer rapidly cut costs and speeded up the production of CNH Industrial at its Suzzara’s IVECO plant, the leading company in manufacturing and distribution of agriculture and on-road machines, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Today, after almost one year since the acquisition of Roboze One+400, the Suzzara’s IVECO plant revolutionized the production and the realization of prototypes and equipment, demonstrating the advantages and the versatility of the high precision additive manufacturing in several sectors of the industrial manufacturing.

The partnership with IVECO

The decision to choose Roboze comes from the need to work and produce using one versatile solution, able to realize technical materials that are resistant to high temperatures, with extreme precision, reducing the production time, cutting costs and modeling the components in-house, adapting them to the different shape, ergonomics and weight needs.

We decided to invest in the Roboze One+400 among other solutions of the same kind because it allows us to choose a wide range of technical materials and consequently permits to realize equipments that can be used in contact with paints or in ovens that can reach very high temperatures. Moreover, Roboze’s materials can be used in direct contact with aesthetic parts of the vehicle, not releasing any residues and/or abrasions”,

Eng. Grazia Cappiello, engineer at the Manufacturing, Equipment & Tooling department at CNH Industrial.

In particular, with the Roboze One+400 printer, they can produce jigs&fixtures for the Iveco Daily’s assembly line, useful to facilitate the internal manufacturing processes, as they reduce the setup time and allow the production of heavy parts, guaranteeing safety and preventing any accidents at work.

Roboze organized a specific Webinar, dedicated to this case study. The Webinar will be held on January 10th, 2019.

“We decided to make our end users closer to the real advantages of Roboze technologies, on a specific application, such as tooling, that is fundamental in all manufacturing companies of the world (.)…, Working with Roboze 3D printing solutions today means creating critical competitive advantages in a medium-long term. Speeding up the response to market with, at the same time, a significant reduction of manufacturing costs becomes possible and accessible. The CNHi case is a tangible evidence”

.Ilaria Guicciardini, Marketing Director at Roboze

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