Roboze new PEEK 3D printing

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Resultado de imagem para roboze logoThe Roboze 3D printer allows the insertion of PEEK material in 3D Printing production processes. Submitting the machine to the “factory stress” in order to produce definitive pieces using the most performing technopolymer.

New corporate processes to insert Roboze in the factory supply chain

During the last weeks of the past year, they had extensive discussions with  Roboze contacts to understand if and how the professional printer they offer could be inserted in their standardized and UNI EN 9100:2009 certified production processes used for every component supplied to its customers.

It was necessary to define new company procedures that could bring both prototype and definitive pieces to the standards that already characterize every element created by Zare. We verified on-site that the application of the new processes occurs without any slowing down or impact on the delivery conditions.”

-Torelli, Quality Manager

The Roboze One +400 inserted in the FDM department is subject to continuous stress, offering our customers new opportunities with the certainty of excellent results.

PEEK, the super technopolymer for 3D Printing

Creating 3D printed elements using PEEK is useful in areas in which metals struggle to be an optimal choice. Offering our customers this opportunity broadens the number of applications for designs, taking advantage of the special features of the additive.”

-Pasquali, General Manager

PEEK is a technopolymer with excellent thermal stability and chemical inertia, unique in its kind. It is stable at high temperatures and in highly acidic or basic environments. It can be used in Aerospace and Defense, Motorsport, Biomedical, and Oil & Gas industries. (Watch more Additive Manufacturing in Industry).

Even with reduced print sizes on single pieces compared to the three Fortus 900mc in our FDM department (the Roboze One +400 operating chamber is 200x200x200 mm), the possibilities offered by the PEEK material are definitely cutting edge, combining excellent mechanical features and excellent chemical resistance. Both in functional prototypes and for definitive applications, PEEK is a new, valuable opportunity to submit to customer assessment.”

Pisciuneri, Sales Manager

A new ally for Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling, or the creation of aids in series production, has a new ally. The professional printer supplied by Roboze, paired with the high-performance PEEK material, is perfect for creating small instruments such as support brackets, drilling templates, and spacing elements, industrial parts that are used on a daily basis to simplify series manufacturing. Rapid tooling allows a cautious approach to industrial additive manufacturing because it impacts the accompanying equipment that, for its very nature, does not change the overall production supply chain for the construction of an industrial product. The insertion of PEEK makes it possible to design instruments with high mechanical performance and resistance to wear.

A printer with innovative solutions that caught our attention.

Roboze has introduced various innovations in professional 3D printing on FDM technology. The Roboze Beltless System allows the direct mechanical transmission to the X and Y axes through the insertion of helical racks in contact with the pinion. This patented solution allows a precision of up to 25 microns, for an unprecedented level of quality. Another innovative element is definitely the HVP (High Viscosity Polymers) extruder, which is internally designed and produced. The HVP extruder has an inner channel to accelerate the speed of high viscosity polymers during the extrusion process that, along with the proper temperature, reduces viscosity and controls the swelling process, increasing the speed of printing polymers such as PEEK.

-Guicciardini, Roboze Marketing Director

The technological solutions introduced by Roboze, which are a result of the expertise and skill of the R&D area and the CNC equipment in the production facility, have convinced us that even a performing technopolymer such as PEEK can be extruded in a manner that is suitable to the customers’ needs, so they can take 100% advantage of the production possibilities offered by the additive.


About Roboze (Visit Roboze profile)

Resultado de imagem para roboze logoBased in Bari Italy, Roboze is an innovative 3D printing company that designs and manufactures the next generation of advanced FFF 3D printing solutions for additive manufacturing applications. The company’s unique Beltless 3D printing technology enable to produce high- quality parts from 13 different advanced techno-polymers, for extreme functional testing and end use metal replacement applications.


About Zare Srl

Zare PrototipiYour additive manufacturing expert. From prototypes to definitive parts, Zare Srl is The Italian AM factory

ZARE can ensure a short internal supply chain in order to protect the confidentiality of the projects and cut the lead time for the production.

Cutting edge technologies coupled with a deep knowledge of materials are our daily work tools.

To meet the constantly increasing market demands we improved our plant with new machines, like large metal laser sintering Concept Laser X-line 2000R.

Zare is UNI EN 9100:2009 certified company for:

“Production of metal alloys prototypes and components by Selective Laser Melting & Additive Manufacturing techniques”

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