ROBOZE reinforces its presence in the EMEA area

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Resultado de imagem para roboze logoGermany, Scandinavia, and Turkey the new partnerships that open to a rising 2018 for European manufacturing


The European industry has achieved an excellent closing of 2017. The result obtained thanks to healthy rates of production expansion, new orders and new employment levels have brought a good state of health to the Eurozone manufacturing sector with results never achieved since the first half of 1997.

The tendency is to invest more and more in future technologies for the construction of a smart factory aimed at developing new goods with maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Roboze, a global engineering, and additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, also represents the same rapid growth and investment in the new production facility. Its first steps in 2018 will be to strengthen and expand its distribution network in the EMEA area.

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Three partnerships that will offer the powerful Roboze solutions, helping and responding to the needs of SMEs and professionals in the manufacturing world in the markets of Germany, Scandinavia, and Turkey.

Representing Roboze in Germany will be Rauch CNC Manufaktur with over 55 years of experience and knowledge in production, where it specialized in the processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic plastics. The German company has opened in 2013 its AM division utilizing Selective Laser Sintering technology; it has been producing SLS parts from high-performance materials such as PEEK and is now starting to perform new SLS materials like PPS and PEKK.

Today, the Roboze filament solutions are available, more reliable, and certainly the most accurate in the world in their technology. For us, this is a ideal complement to our SLS systems. Fast, affordable and with a wide range of available materials.” 

Bernd Rauch, owner of Rauch CNC Manufaktur.

For Roboze in Scandinavia, there is CADSys, CAD/CAM system experts. CADSYS has 10 years of experience with manufacturing software solution for the Scandinavian industry, and are committed to fulfilling the needs and demands for faster and more innovative manufacturing solutions.

After collecting the needs of our current customers, we wanted to complete our offering with a 3D printing system for the production of finished parts with materials suitable for industry. Roboze was our natural choice “

-Ricco Busk, CEO of CADSYS-

In Turkey, Roboze is not new but enhances its commercial presence thanks to 3D-Model from Galtek Kimya Group. They specialize in 3D printing for rapid and functional prototyping services; the Turkish company was looking for a supplier for the production of finished parts in high-performance plastic filaments with the best quality available.

With a solution like Roboze One + 400 we will better meet the needs of aerospace, automotive and manufacturing sectors, with the highest quality available today for PEEK printing with FFF systems.

-Atamer Özalp 3D-Model GM assistant-

Our technology is our drive. Resellers around the world choose our machines and decide to distribute Roboze because their final customers request them. The users create the demand, and we reply with the most accurate FFF 3D printers in the world for technopolymers. We are currently evaluating possible candidates for the role of VP Sales EMEA, but we continue to win new business every week, reflecting the fact that beyond the significant commercial figures, it is the technology we offer to be the real driver of our growth,” says Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder.

We are delighted to have strengthened some European channels that we thought were strategic, and that I took care of personally. We are now embarking on a new endeavor that will shape the dynamics of the 3D printing market at a global level. By bringing our technology closer to customers all over the world, they will be able to access our technology and technopolymers and receive their parts in hours, a few miles from their offices or companies. We will soon share the new details…

-Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder-


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About Rauch CNC Manufaktur

Resultado de imagem para rauch manufaktur cncFounded in 1961 in Baden-Baden / Germany, Rauch CNC Manufaktur has specialized in the processing of high-performance plastics in recent decades. Serial parts made of thermosets for medical technology and mechanical engineering are produced on CMC machining centers. Since 2013, the two owners Bernd and Peter Rauch have also been involved in the additive manufacturing of components made of high-performance polymers. Rauch CNC Manufaktur owns one of the few EOSING P800 high-temperature SLS systems for PEEK and a newly developed FARSOON ST252 high-temperature SLS system with an open platform for a wide variety of high-performance polymers. In addition to the AM production, the two brothers are involved in two research projects together with well-known institutes and partners to achieve new methods to improve AM components in terms of accuracy and surface treatment.

About CADSys

Resultado de imagem para cadsys logoCADSYS Scandinavia ApS is a danish based company with 2 offices in Denmark and 1 in Sweden, for more than 10 years they have been dedicated to delivering manufacturing software solutions for the Scandinavian markets, with a high and dedicated focus on the clients ROI. CADSYS deliver solutions for some of the biggest clients in Scandinavia but have manufacturing solutions for all types of clients. Among the products of CADSYS, you will find SolidCAM, Esprit, iMachining, and SpaceClaim.

About 3D Model

Resultado de imagem para 3d model logo galtek kimya logo3D Model is a division of Galtek Kimya Metal Plastik Makine Ltd Sti, established in 1993. It is focused on reverse engineering, design, 3D modeling and production, dimensional analysis/verification and geometric tolerance reporting operations. With it’s 3 dimensional production from 25 different materials, it provides precise and fast solutions to its customers in automotive, civil aviation, defense and medical industry. It responds to the quality control needs of companies with it’s highly accurate and repeatable mobile CMM devices and laser tracking systems.

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