Roboze’s machining and FDM’s superpolymers in the Xtreme3DParts project

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A new and strategic partnership for Roboze, FDM Digital Solutions Ltd.are a leading company in the United Kingdom and will represent an added value within the Xtreme3DParts network. Xtreme3DParts is the only global network of Additive Manufacturing Centers for the production of on-demand parts in superpolymers for extreme applications, that, through Roboze’s technology, allows you to cut inventory costs and produce just-in-time and on-demand components. 

FDM Digital Solutions is one of the main additive manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom, Roboze is the leading company in the additive manufacturing sector. Now they are working together, thanks to the Xtreme3DParts project, with the vision of transforming traditional manufacturing in the aerospace, F1, automotive and industrial sectors, through high-performance 3D printing technologies and materials. Both companies share the same goal: leading their customers towards a new way of designing, developing and manufacturing their products, thanks to the Roboze’s machines precision and the availability of new super polymers, specifically engineered by Roboze’s Materials Scientists, increasing the FDM technology level.

There is a requirement for materials such as PEEK, PP, (polypropylene), and we believe we can develop a profitable market to deliver high end Additive Manufacturing solutions to the UK and broader European markets.

.Graeme Bond, CEO at FDM Digital Solutions 

He also states that being part of the Xtreme 3DParts network gives them the possibility to realize something important. They have the expertise and Roboze has the innovation. They will be interested in sharing their acquired knowledge for the benefit of the whole network. A growing awareness of Roboze technologies globally will benefit each region.

“Roboze’s technology is largely used in the racing sector, as many F1, MotoGP, Nascar, 24HLemans stables use Roboze 3D printers and materials for the realization of finished parts” declares Alessio Lorusso, Roboze’s Founder & CEO. “We are excited about this new partnership with FDM Digital Solutions. We believe that together we have managed to create a real solution for the British companies, able to let them show their potentialities, offering the opportunity to access our technology, supported by the FDM Digital Solutions expertise in production processes. Moreover, we are proud that FDM Digital Solutions decided to trust Roboze’s solutions in order to let the fusion filament technology take a step forward”, concludes Mr. Lorusso.

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