Scientists and Old Word Labs are developing a 3D-Printed lung

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Scientists at the VA Ann Arbor Health Care System in Michigan are developing a 3D printed artificial lung that could help treat veterans affected by lung disease. Biomedical engineer Dr. Joseph Potkay is leading the research focusing on patients who have a buildup of CO2 in their blood, which often applies to veterans with end-stage COPD.

Joseph Potkay and his team are working with high-resolution Additive Manufacturing company Old World Labs to create a prototype of the 3D printed artificial lung, which will be about a half-inch cube in size, hopefully, able to fit in a backpack and be used for a week; however, after further development, the hope is to get the lung to work for longer amounts of time.

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The goal behind the VA research is to create the first truly wearable artificial lung that’s compatible with living tissue and can provide both short- and long-term respiratory support, and microfluidic artificial lungs also use far less blood than current commercial devices.

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