Siemens & Interspectral announce a 3D Printing Visualization software

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The company Siemens has partnered with Interspectral, a Swedish software company, to develop 3D visualization tools for metal 3D Printing.

“To improve and ultimately industrialize metal additive manufacturing you need to capture, explore and understand large amounts of heterogeneous data from the process and increase domain knowledge,”

-Andreas Graichen, Head of Additive Manufacturing Center of Competence at Siemens.

CAD visualization of metal components. Image: Interspectral.

3D Metal Parts Visualization

Interspectral specializes in volume rendering, 3D visualization, imaging, and 3D scanning. About two years ago, the company started a project with Siemens’ gas turbine business in Finspång. The outcome was the development of Additive Manufacturing Explorer, Interspectral’s 3D visualization tool which optimizes the production and design of 3D printed components to repair industrial turbines. The project is supported by Visual Sweden, an initiative based in Östergötland focused on promoting innovation and regional growth in the field of visualization and image analysis.

Based on our core visualization technology we are designing an intuitive tool that will support interactive exploration and collaboration. Using AM Explorer, Siemens will learn more from the data that they collect, increase domain knowledge and minimize trial and error.”

-Thomas Rydell, Business Developer & Co-founder of Interspectral

A music board, 3D visualization. Clip images: Interspectral

AM Explorer has been designed to import and visualize a large amount of heterogeneous data from the metal additive manufacturing process in one environment.

“We believe 3D-visualization, including AR and VR, will be a key component in the industrialization of additive manufacturing and tools such as the AM Explorer will be one part of the solution in our additive manufacturing roadmap at Siemens,”, said Andreas Graichen.

This allows CAD files, scan, camera, and sensor data, as well as metrology systems, to be fused and visualized within the same tool. As a result, engineers can easily control all of this information and detect anomalies as the process continues.

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