Sigma Labs, Inc.

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Sigma Labs, Inc.

Sigma Labs, Inc.
A proud Los Alamos legacy, a future rooted in bringing advanced materials and processing solutions to clients worldwide.Sigma Labs, Inc. was founded by high-level scientists from the world-renowned Los Alamos National Lab. Just as Los Alamos helped shape the modern world in the 20th century, Sigma Labs is bringing to market advanced manufacturing, materials and process monitoring technologies that will serve our clients in many ways.
Phone: 505.438.2576
100 Cienega Suite C
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Company details

  • Company name: Sigma Labs, Inc.
  • Category: 3d printers – find more 3d printer manufacturers.
  • Company website: N/A
  • Focus industry: Additive Manufacturing/3D printing
  • Class: 3D printing equipment manufacturer / 3D printers
  • Profile status: unverified

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