Sigma Labs will showcase PrintRite3D INSPECT® 4.1 3D Software at AMUG Conference

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Sigma Labs will showcase its newly released PrintRite3D INSPECT® 4.1 software for AM at the 2019 AMUG Conference. “The company” will be exhibiting its technology in Booth #18.

“The latest version of our INSPECT software further simplifies a daunting challenge facing all companies engaged in metal additive manufacturing: analyzing the structure of a 3D-printed metal part during the manufacturing process and adjusting the process in real time to further assure quality. We believe the improvements incorporated into INSPECT 4.1, which provide results comparable and complementary to CT testing, will make our platform even more appealing for stakeholders within the industry who are searching for a time-efficient and cost-efficient method of quality assurance. Our tech experts look forward to meeting with AM engineers, designers, influencers and users at the conference.”

-John Rice, CEO of Sigma Labs

PrintRite3D INSPECT® 4.1 features 100 Micron resolution and 200KHz speed with interlayer real-time results viewing.

A new capability that allows for correlation between in-process quality results and post-process CT results.

Comprising software for in-process inspection of metallurgical properties, PrintRite3D INSPECT® uses sensor data and establishes in-process quality metrics for each metal or alloy during the process. It provides manufacturing engineers with part quality reports based on rigorous statistical analysis of manufacturing process data and allows for interrogation of suspect part data that can be used for process improvement and optimization.

Sigma Labs’ methodology identifies the thermal signatures of a printed metal material while the part is being manufactured. The method maps any flaws in real time. Specific thermal signatures can also be used to optimize part design. The identification and mapping of thermal signatures using Sigma’s method and CT testing furthers the understanding of flaw detection, reduces risk in parts that are not CT-inspected, and together provide a more complete picture of discontinuities in the part and what conditions during the manufacturing process lead to their formation.

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