Superpolymers & 3D Printing: Open Day in Milan with Roboze

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The Roboze Open Day series continues, with the aim to inform Italian companies about the numerous advantages of 3D printing and high-performance materials, in Milan on March 12th.

Roboze, the leading company in the sector of Additive Manufacturing with superpolymers and composite materials, started this new year with a mission:

Get the Italian companies informed and aware of the advantages of additive production, supported by high engineering materials, specifically designed for manufacturing companies and industrial designers.

After the great success of the open days organized in the Apulian aerospace district and in the industrial district of Motorvalley in Emilia Romagna, the next date will be in Milan in partnership with Selltek Srl, expert consultant and supplier of the best 3D technologies in Italy, and in Europe, since 2001. Today, Selltek boasts awards of European value, as well as a team of consultants branched into the national territory that guarantees dynamic expertise and professionalism in the modern technologies field. Since this year, moreover, Selltek Srl can count on the partnership with Dedem Spa, a company that has operated in Italy and Europe since 1962, even in the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) sector, and has always looked for technological innovation. The horizons towards a faster and more efficient service to companies are getting wider.

The partnership between Roboze & Selltek was born in 2018 when the two realities join their forces to strengthen Italian SMEs and industrial designers. Their offer includes and proposes the most precise AM solutions in the world by Roboze associated with the research and development of super polymers, composite and high temperature materials, dedicated to highly innovative sectors, where the performances of the parts – together with the numerous advantages of 3D printing and the high precision of Roboze systems – are fundamental for creating value and competitive advantage of companies on the market. The production materials guarantee high performance, with mechanical resistance against temperatures and chemical agents, in many metal replacement applications, allowing to use prototypes and finished parts with the best versatility.

The Open Day will be held on March 12th at Italiana Hotels Milan Rho Fair, where we will show the new Roboze One Xtreme solution and where Selltek and Roboze experts will offer an overview of the advantages and applications that are increasingly enhancing the manufacturing companies in Italy and in the world.

To join the Open day, it is necessary to register for free through the link of the event.

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