TCT Trade Show ASIA 2018 – 3D Flying Printer

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Trade Show TCT ASIA 2018 – DEDIBOT’s Flying 3D Printer

Flying 3D printer at TCT Asia


I’ve seen a lot of crazy 3D printing concepts at trade shows over the past five years but on March 3rd at TCT Asia 2018, I saw something that actually did blow my socks off.

The DediBot company based in Hangzhou, China, has an array of 3D technologies from desktop FDM machines to SLM-style metal 3D machines (one of which is capable of printing in two metal materials), they look like decent quality, fairly priced equipments. Nothing to write home about there, but that’s not why I’m writing this piece and not why truckloads of visitors are crowding around Dedibot’s booth.

The Fly Elephant is currently only a concept but at TCT Asia Dedibot showed exactly how that concept could work. The Fly Elephant is a powerful drone with a Delta-like printer on the bottom, the software for it will be able to precisely plot where the drone lays down the material.

In this case it is a concrete mix, and DediBot says the idea behind the Fly Elephant is to do away with the constraints of traditional printing when it comes to construction. By using a drone or a swarm of drones DediBot claims it will be able to build unlimited structures.

DediBot call this technology Open-ended Additive Manufacturing (OAM) and had some examples of what the Fly Elephant had created on the booth, they’re similar to the concrete prints we’ve seen previously but the fact the drone is not constrained in the Z-Axis means there is the potential to print gigantic structures.

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