Ultimaker 3D slicing Software Cura 3.4 is already available

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Resultado de imagem para ULTIMAKER LOGOAfter a successful beta trial, Ultimaker is releasing a new version of its popular slicing software, Cura 3.4. You can download it by following the link. After a successful beta trial, the company just released the new version of its popular slicing software, Cura 3.4Watch the Tutorial to know how to get started with Cura:

The Additive Manufacturing software’s one of the most loved in the 3D printing community and Ultimaker makes sure this remains the case by iterating fast. At the beginning of June  Ultimaker released its Cura 3.4 beta which offered new features and improvements. (Find more articles about 3D Software.)

After the success of the beta trial (the video above), Cura 3.4 is now stable and available to download for free.

CURA 3.4  Highlights:

  • Slicing engine upgrades: Infill support, cross infill image, support wall line count.
  • Better integration: Integration of Octoprint, Autodesk (i.e. Inventor, Blender), FreeCAD, and OpenSCAD projects.
  • UX enhancements: Auto-select a 3D model after import, better filter timeout performance.
  • Plugin updates: Toolbox for browsing plug-ins, Cura backups, configuration plugin.
  • Regular bugfixes.

If you’re already sold on Cura 3.4, you can download it from the Ultimaker website. Or, check out the slicer in more detail.

Plugin updates
Cura backups

Toolbox. The plugin browser has been redesigned into the Toolbox, complete with graphical elements to give more information about available plugins.

Cura Backups. When installed, you can back up your settings, materials, and plugins in Ultimaker Cura to the cloud. Simply make an account on Ultimaker’s secure server and keep your configuration settings easily accessible, whether at home or in the office.

AutoDesk Inventor integration. Open AutoDesk inventor files (parts, assemblies, drawings) directly into Ultimaker Cura.

Blender integration. Open Blender files directly into Ultimaker Cura.

OpenSCAD integration. Open OpenSCAD files directly into Ultimaker Cura.

FreeCAD integration. Open FreeCAD files directly into Ultimaker Cura.

OctoPrint plugin. The new version of the OctoPrint plugin for Ultimaker Cura.

Slicing engine upgrades

Infill support. Enable this feature and infill will be generated where it is needed only. This uses a specialized support generation algorithm for the internal support structures of a part.

Print outside perimeter before holes. Reduce the risk of print head travel moves dislodging hole perimeters from the build plate by prioritizing the outside perimeters. This setting should only have an effect if printing outer before inner walls.

Cross infill image. This setting allows you to input a path to an image to manipulate the cross infill and cross-fill density. This will overlay that image on your model. Remember that the density settings may need to be adjusted for it to be visible

Support wall line count. This setting will configure how many walls to print around supports.

UFP modifier meshes. No longer will you see modifier meshes in the UFP thumbnail preview shown on the Ultimaker S5 screen and Cura Connect queue.

Maximum combing resolution. Combing travel moves are kept at least 1.5 mm long to prevent buffer underruns.

Avoid supports when traveling. Added setting to avoid supports when performing travel moves. This minimizes the risk of the print head hitting support material, improving print reliability.

Max comb distance with no retract. When set to a non-zero value, combing travel moves that are longer than that distance will use retraction, to maintain optimal nozzle pressure for better print quality.

Infill support
User Experience Enhancements

Anonymous data sharing. You can now enable or disable anonymous data and view specific data that is shared. The ‘Send anonymous data’ popup disable button has changed to a ‘more info’ button.

Settings filter timeout. For better performance, the settings filter is now triggered on enter, or after a 500ms timeout.

Auto-select model after import. There are now new preferences to set the behavior of selecting a newly imported model or not.

Event measurements. logging added for the duration of specific events. This includes startup time, file load duration, number of items on the build plate when slicing, slicing duration, and performance when moving items on the build plate. This data can be used to benchmark performance on different machines.

Configuration error assistant. Potential configuration file errors are detected automatically and result in a popup to let you know. Information is stored to help prevent crashes happening in future.

Upgradable bundled resources. It is now possible to have multiple versions of bundled resources installed: the bundled version and the downloaded upgrade. If an upgrade of a package is present, the bundled version will not be loaded. If it’s not present, Ultimaker Cura will revert to the bundled version.

Anonymous information
 Third-party printers and stability fixes

New printer definitions. The list of pre-installed 3D printer profiles has been updated with the Felix Tec4 printer, Deltacomb, and Rigid3D Mucit.

Empty file name. If an empty filename job was sent to Cura Connect, Ultimaker Cura would report it as sent, but it would not appear in the Cura Connect queue. Empty job names are now detected and set to “unnamed” to prevent this from happening.

Print job name reslice. Fixed behavior where print job name changes back to original name when reslicing.

Message box styling. Fixed bugs related to message box styling, such as the progress bar overlapping the button in the ‘Sending Data’ popup.

Curaproject naming. Fixed bug related to two “curaprojects” in the file name when saving a project.

Filament diameter line width. Adjusted filament diameter to calculate line width in the GCODE parser.

Korean translation. Fixed typos in Korean translation.

ARM/Mali systems. Fixed graphics pipeline for ARM/Mali systems.

Discard/keep. Fixed a bug where customized settings didn’t give a ‘discard or keep’ dialog when changing material.

Non-GCODE USB. Fixed a bug where the USB port doesn’t open if the printer doesn’t support GCODE.

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