Velo3D breaks record with a 15$M sales growth

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The Metal 3D printing systems and software developer reached $24 million in the first year of commercialization. The company launched its Sapphire 3D machine in the fourth quarter of 2018, beginning its first quarter of commercial sales.

Velo3D’s commercial launch was exactly a year ago and we have received a very positive reception from the market. (…), I’m thrilled that our Sapphire printer is helping an increasing number of innovative OEM and contract manufacturing firms and thankful that the market has recognised Velo3D as an innovator in AM.”

-Benny Buller, Velo3D’s founder and CEO

While conventional AM systems require supports for any geometry below 45°, the Sapphire machine enables engineers to realize designs with overhangs lower than 10°.

This is only possible with hardware innovations such as a non-contact recoater system, tolerant to the metal protrusion in the powder bed, and its Flow software that decomposes geometry into characteristic features to be assigned the optimal processing.

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