Wizard’s Voodoo is the new 3D Filament of the Czech Fillamentum

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For many companies, to wait is no more a reality. Following a series of teasers by “the filament wizard” Tom Jackson in testing, Wizard’s Voodoo filament is now available from Fillamentum. Part of the company’s extensive PLA Extrafill range, this material is an easy-to-print and visually striking plastic, made to give everyday projects an extra magic. It is possible to order online directly from Fillamentum now in 750g spools of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm.

PLA Extrafill Wizard’s Voodoo spool. Image: Fillamentum

Sparkling additive manufactured objects

Wizard’s Voodoo contains particles of glitter. For a smoother surface finish, however, Magician’s Voodoo contains finer glitter particles than Vertigo Grey.

Two types of glitter are also used, giving to PLA 3D parts unusual, two-tone sheen depending on the light source.

 Wizard’s Voodoo PLA Extrafill sparkle between violet and blue. Image: Fillamentum

Tom Jackson earned this material tribute from Fillamentum through providing a number of reviews of the company’s materials, and acting as a beta tester. After 3D printed a number of test prints in the filament GRΛFIT, a freelance visual effects artist and Tom Jackson follower, denominated on Twitter the material as “Addictive.” Read more about 3D Printing Materials.

Style and Substance

Wizard’s Voodoo also has a number of properties that make it a desirable desktop material. Behind the iridescent qualities, the material has good tensile strength (60 MPa at yield, 53 MPa at break) and a flexural strength of 83 MPa. Being PLA-based (and therefore derived from cornstarch) the material is compostable, and it RoHS compliant for use with electrical goods.

A 3D printed object in Wizard’s Voodoo. Nerys Vase design by Chris Taylor. Image: Fillamentum

The glitter content of the material Wizard’s Voodoo is not suitable for food contact.

Both sizes of PLA Extrafill Wizard’s Voodoo are available from Fillamentum priced at €32.00 per spool.

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