The world’s largest 3D printers are in Saudi Arabia for house building

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The Danish Additive Manufacturing company Cobod International has sold what it calls the world’s largest AM construction printer to a contractor in Saudi Arabia. The machine can print three-storey buildings of more than 300 square meters per storey. Saudi Arabian firm Elite for Construction & Development placed the order earlier in March.

To be delivered at the end of May, the printer will print buildings up to 12m wide, 27m long, and 9m high. The company stated the “BOD2” will be the first of its kind in the country.

According to Cobod, Elite for Construction & Development is targeting the need for building 1.5 million private houses in the next 10 years.

We will be able to carry out projects with our own crews and based on 3D printable concrete made locally. This will bring costs significantly down compared to temporarily imported printers using foreign-made materials.”

.Saad Al Shathri, general manager of Elite for Construction & Development.

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Source: GCR Staff Global Construction Review Saudi firm buys “world’s largest 3D printer” for housing, published on Mar18, 2019 and was re-edited by João Andrade on Mar19, 2019;

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