The world leader in ceramic 3D printing Lithoz will be presenting multi-material 3D-printed parts at Formnext 2021

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The world market and technology leaders in ceramic 3D printing process and material parts will be presenting a wide variety of pioneering multi-material parts produced with CeraFab Multi 2M30.

The parts that will be showcased are combinations of ceramic-ceramic, ceramic-metal and ceramic-polymer. The CeraFab Multi 2M30 was launched in late 2020 and is able to print two materials at the same time, facilitating the production of highly accurate and detailed parts with combinations above mentioned. As such, the 2M30 is primarly aimed to aerospace, biomedical, energy, and electronics manufacturers seeking multi-material, multi-functional Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

Source: Lithoz.

Alumina_coloured: A dual-coloured 3D-printed ring made of alumina.

The second highlight at the Lithoz stand at Formnext will be the live demo of the new compact entry-level 3D Printer- CeraFab Lab L30. This eagerly awaited European premiere will be the first time the compact 3D printing model can be experienced in full operation. As their second machine launch of the past two years, the first being the release of the CeraFab Multi in late 2020, the company is looking forward to presenting this debut.

Lithoz at Formnext 2021/Showroom 06: The New compact 3D printer CeraFab Lab L30.

Launched in April 2021, the CeraFab Lab L30 has been specifically developed for the customization and small-scale production of oxide ceramics and is engineered to be an ideal starting point for ceramic 3D printing.

In Dr. Johannes Benedikt (CTO and co-founder of Lithoz) words, the 3D printer is “a compact, affordable system”, stating how, despite being an entry-level machine, companies “can achieve the quality they would expect from a Lithoz machine”. The open system technology offered by the CeraFab Lab L30 is a major advantage to Dr. Benedikt’s, who spoke about how it gives businesses “the opportunity to use a well-known, high-quality technology to realize their ideas and to develop (their) own materials.”

Lithoz is celebrating their 10 year of foundation this year.

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