ZABFAB brings to 3D Printing customers on-demand added value

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ZABFAB Manufacturing is a 3D printing and design service. ZABFAB is set out to revolutionize how businesses, entrepreneurs, and designers create and manufacture products. Through designing products for additive manufacturing and the digitization of supply chains, ZABFAB seeks to offer the best on-demand manufacturing service to customers that will truly bring value to their projects. ZABFAB offers design services, rapid prototyping, small-batch manufacturing, and amazing product possibilities through innovative manufacturing methods. Whether it is a new product idea, rapid prototyping or on-demand manufacturing, ZABFAB has a solution for you.

The added-value to customers

ZABFAB offers FDM 3D printing with high quality, engineering grade materials such as nylon, polycarbonate, ASA, and TPU. Additionally, they are experts at printing with composite materials.

Its carbon fiber products offer excellent strength, stiffness, heat resistance and durability. The fiberglass material is great for high impact applications that require products to perform under extreme conditions.

In addition to additive manufacturing solutions, the company also offers a product design service to help you optimize your products for 3D printing and utilize all the advantages additive manufacturing can offer. This includes mass customization, complex geometries, support optimization, and build direction optimization.

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